Exercise Inspiration

Hot Girl Summer is here and working out from home is all the rage. Just investing 15-20 minutes daily into your home exercises will yield tremendous results in the long term. So, as the weather is getting warmer and the beaches start calling your name, ask yourself - are you ready for that summer body?

hot summer girl workout

If this is a YES, then consistency is the KEY. It only takes 15-20 minutes per day and can absolutely change your life. All you need to know is how to use the time! It was not easy to get into the routine in the beginning, I went through the procrastination stage then decided no more excuses so the best time is first thing in the morning :) You are done for the day ! So let me break down a few of the best home workouts you can do in under 20 minutes

#1 - Pull Ups: 

Pull ups exercise more muscles than you think, and they are a great way to get and stay fit! Most people who do this every now and then do as many as they can, then stop. However, for doing this daily, you should do longer sets (10-12) with shorter reps (2-5) to prevent muscle fatigue. Rest and recovery is key, especially if you are a beginner.

muscle build by pull ups exercise

For best results at home, make sure you have a pullup bar! This one on our site fits naturally over the door, making it convenient for daily use. 

#2 - Cardio: 

People always seem to be forgetting about cardio now-a-days. However, it’s one of the best exercises you can do on a daily basis to cut stubborn fat and get and stay lean. I personally recommend using a weighted vest and going on a 15-20 minute walk. Not only does it improve endurance in the long term, but it also helps build muscle strength all throughout the body. 

#3 - Abs:

It is ESSENTIAL that you do an ab workout everyday to get and stay in shape. Abs are one of the only muscle groups that you don’t need to be concerned about overdoing it on. One of the best pieces of equipment you can use at home is an ab roller. I would recommend starting out with 3 sets of 10 if you are a beginner, then upping your reps as you get more experience. If you are more advanced, consider doing this while wearing your weighted vest too! 

#4 - Jump Rope:

Jumping rope is not only great cardio, but it’s also great for your calves! For beginners, I always recommend starting with 30 seconds of consecutive jumping, followed by a 1-minute break. Do three or 4 sets of this, and it makes for a great warmup for any at-home workout! The jump rope is also super portable and smaller, so very easy to store. Plus - it’s just fun!

#5 - Resistance Training:

If you’re looking to switch things up a bit, definitely incorporate some resistance training into your daily workout. There is a variety of different  resistance equipment you can use, so be sure you find the right piece for the muscle group you are targeting! If you are doing this daily, aim for longer sets with shorter reps so that your muscles have time to heal in between. This makes a great quick workout in itself, and also a great addition to any other workout you might be doing! 

#6 - Stretching: 

Making sure you stretch is imperative both before and after a workout. Stretching before a workout loosens up your muscles to avoid potential injuries and stretching after is great for giving your muscles a chance to cool down. One of the biggest groups we often forget about is our backs, which is why I personally use a back stretcher both before and after my workouts. Not loosening up this area can cause pain and uncomfort, so be sure you use the right equipment to help stretch all areas of the body.

stretching exercise examples


All in all, consistency is key, and having a short 15-20 min exercise each day will yield incredible results in the long term. You can rotate throughout each of these exercises during the week to give different muscle groups a break as needed. You can also mix and match, by incorporating several of these together to exercise different parts of the body - just be sure you don’t overdo it.

exercise inspiration

Once you get into the habit of exercising daily, make sure that your diet matches your lifestyle. You will be burning a lot of calories, so make sure you are eating enough food and staying hydrated. Also in terms of diet, try to ditch refined carbohydrates and make sure you consume a lot of protein. Easiest way for me to add protein to my diet was simply adding 20 grams of Vital proteins Collagen Peptides Powder to my morning coffee. And VOILÀ I am all set for the day. And for all your at-home workout equipment needs, checkout our store at www.yourfitnessgal.com!