Yoga Knee Pad

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Yoga Knee Pads

Designed by professional sports trainers, our yoga knee pad and fitness pad has a concave center to perfectly accommodate your knees, elbows, hands, and head while maintaining balance and stability

Amazing Design 

 This yoga knee pad is made from thickened foam material, and the central sag design helps relieve pressure on the joints and muscles while performing different yoga poses to prevent your knees, elbows, wrist, hip, ankle, or hand from injuring. Perfect for yoga, fitness, workout, plank, and pilates. 


Soft foam cushions the impact force brought by yoga, therefore you can exercise comfortably on a hard floor while doing yoga poses.


You can use it during your exercise for kneeling, stretching, meditation, and also as a knee pad during gardening, bathing your kids, or as a seat pad.


A knee support pad can provide the superior performance of instant rebounds, making this pad durable for use.


With a non-slip textured surface, making you grip the yoga mat or floor better to ensure excellent stability and balance during complicated yoga poses. So this will also protect you from injuries. You can hold your yoga poses accurately and comfortably.

Easy To Clean And Portable

You can take it anywhere and perfect for travel. It allows you to perform at any time and anywhere. Great workout with your yoga mat


  • Color: Light Pink, Light Blue
  • Item: Yoga Knee Pads
  • Package: 1pc Or 2pc
  • Thickness: 20mm


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