Back Posture Corrector

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This Back Posture Corrector is the ultimate solution to pain, kyphosis, and sagging shoulders! Get rid of troublemaking hunchback and correct your posture in the shortest possible time as it opens up your shoulder and straightens up your back, forming long-term muscle memory.

Improves Your Posture - It helps the alignment of your shoulders and back by aligning your back and neck, thus forcing the ideal posture, preventing injuries, and relieving pain and annoyance generated by poor posture.

 Practical And Discreet - Fully adjustable closure for all sizes, comfortable and easy to wear, imperceptible underclothes, wear everywhere and on any occasion.

More Quality Of Life - Reduces insomnia caused by the annoyance of staying all day with inadequate posture, and more willing to do what you love most without pain.

  • Material - Fiber
  • Color - Black/White
  • Size - Free size/Large size

Package Include:
  • 1pc x Back Posture Corrector